Students and their families, schools and communities each play a critical role in educating our youth and strengthening our communities’ economic and social health. – 10,000 Degrees, Core Value

At 10,000 Degrees, we believe that achieving greater impact lies in the power of effective partnerships.  We commit to partnerships that support families and students to attain a quality of life and full participation in our community and we invest in collective impact.

Our selected partners represent schools, school districts and colleges, nonprofit organizations, education and policy networks, businesses and funders that share a common vision for change and commit the will and resources to align efforts and work collaboratively.

Community Partners

  • Aim High
  • Bridge the Gap College Prep
  • Canal Alliance
  • Community Foundation of Sonoma County
  • College Access Foundation of California
  • Filling the Gaps
  • First Graduate
  • Friends for Youth Mentoring Alliance
  • iPivoted
  • Juma
  • Marin College Access Network and Members
  • Marin Community Foundation
  • National College Access Network
  • National Scholarship Professional Association
  • National Association of College and Career Counselors
  • Novato Youth Center
  • PACT
  • Scholarship Sonoma County
  • Shoreline Mentoring Alliance
  • Sonoma College Promise
  • Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance
  • Sonoma Valley Education Fund
  • West Contra Costa College Access Network
  • West Contra Costa Education Fund
  • Upstream Investments

College Partners

  • College of Marin
  • Santa Rosa Junior College
  • Dominican University of California
  • Sonoma State University
  • California State University, East Bay

High School Partners


  • Tamalpais High School
  • Redwood High School
  • San Andreas High School
  • Tamiscal High School
  • Sir Francis Drake High School
  • San Rafael High School
  • Madrone High School
  • Terra Linda High School
  • Tomales High School
  • Novato High School
  • Marin Oaks High School
  • San Marin High School
  • Nova High School


  • Casa Grande High School
  • Elsie Allen High School
  • Healdsburg High School
  • Piner High School
  • Sonoma Valley High School

Richmond and Vallejo

  • Kennedy High School
  • Vallejo High School

Asset Building

  • College Set
  • EARN
  • Juma

Community Mentors

Susan Adams, Cristine Albert, Ray Bakowski, Diana Bokaie, Djajiijo Bola, John Boneparth, Andre Borgman, Erin Braddock, Lori Byer, Gael Casner, Mario Cataldi, Shelly Clermenco, John Cobb, Nina Cobb, Pamela Cobourn, Ronnie Cohen, Florence Collins, Pam Cook, Valerie Davis-Rucker, Heidi de Chatellus, Ruth Dell , Allison Delman , Janet Dito, Jill Donnelly, Mike Durrie, Robin Durrie, Beth Dveris, E.J. Edmonds, Judy Edmonds, Margaret Ellis, Ann Emanuels , Ken Emanuels, Kathleen Emrey, Tracy Ferron, Edward Ferry, Robin Fisher, Peter Fishman, Linda Garb, Gloria Garcia ,Thelma Garcia, Apperson Ginger, Zuleika Godinez, Gustavo Gomez, Rebecca Gomez-Diggs, Christine Gordon, Brenda Greene, Judy Greenwald, Wynne Grossman, David Guggenhime, Lisa Hanf, Khadija Hansia, Gail Harris, Elizabeth Hawley, Wayne Holter, Judy Hoovler, Jeanne Imai, Carolyn Ingram, Linda Jackson, Karen Jacobsen, Gitu Jain, Carl Jew, Phil Jonik, Randel Kelly, Julie Kimball, Julie King, Lisa Koblentz, Diana Kronstadt, Daniel Kunstler, Kara LaDuke, Linda Lam, Nancy Legge, Pamela Livingston, Angela Lusk, Lori Lusted, Keven Madvig, Sally Matsuishi, Tracey McClain, Berta McDonnell, Sara McGhie, Ana Miner, Tom Mistele, Sarah Olsen, Margaret Partlow, Ann Patterson, James Patterson, Susan Perlstein, Laura Peterson, Nita Poonian, Mary Poppic-Reeves, Rebecca Porrata , Carlos Porrata, Sarah Pruden , Jane Realon, Becky Reed, Jill Sampson, Eve Schaeffer, Zoe Schwartz, Pamela Scott, Susan Simmonds, Liz Teodoro, Julian Terkaly, Ann Thalman, Art Thomas, Denise Trevino, Lydia Uribe, Peter Van Meter , Richard Walzer, Mary Weinberg, Paul Wichman , John Wright, Sherry Zagunis, Samantha Zeger