SFPD Appreciation Scholarship

Children of active SFPD officers are invited to apply for the SFPD Appreciation Scholarship to support academic studies at an accredited four year college or university. This scholarship was established at the Marin Community Foundation by anonymous donors and is administered by 10,000 Degrees, an organization that supports students in accessing and completing higher education to positively impact their communities and the world.


Scholarships of $1,500 to $2,500 per scholarship are awarded annually.

We are not currently soliciting applications for the SFPD Appreciation Scholarship.

For more information, contact our Scholarship Team:


Jin Choi
Director of Scholarship Programs
Phone: 415.451.4002
Email: jchoi (at) 10000degrees.org


Yessenia Dominguez
Scholarship Coordinator
Phone: 415.451.4008
Email: ydominguez (at) 10000degrees.org

Stephanie Resize

Stephanie Hamilton
Scholarship Associate
Phone: 415.451.4004
Email: shamilton (at) 10000degrees.org