Mentors are trained by and work in partnership with 10,000 Degrees staff

Our students have the desire to attend college. You can help them get there.

A unique feature of the 10,000 Degrees Institute is its Mentoring Program. This program matches Institute students with their own 10,000 Degrees adult volunteer mentor.

As a mentor, you will receive training from 10,000 Degrees to help students get the support and information they need to get to college.

As a mentor, you will:

  • Meet with your student 1 hour per week by phone or in-person
  • Encourage your student to pursue their dreams
  • Read essays
  • Explore career options
  • Help students meet deadlines
  • Direct students to scholarship resources

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, contact 10,000 Degrees Volunteer Coordinator, Megan Topping at 415-451-4018; e-mail:

We want to acknowledge all the time and energy that our mentors invest in their students. They play a key role in students’ success and well-being.
Thank you to the following mentors who have been mentoring students who just graduated from high school.

Mentors of Graduated Seniors in Marin

Bridget Anderson
Anne Anderson
Jody Berces
Michael Bilton
Margi Blunt
Rita Burgess
Alice Cochoran
Kristina Campodonico
Janet Cucliffe
Mary Dinday
Anjuli Elias
Lisa Evers
Robyn Gaspar
Wynne Grossman
Khadija Hansia
Terri Hauswith
Dale Hillard
Linda Jackson
Scott Jensen
Nancy Kellerman
Lisa Koblentz
Judy Kramer
John Kryzanowski
Peter Lee
Magali Limeta
Jean Ludwick
Lori Lusted
Nancy Masters
Eina Mazariegos
Claudia Moeller
Leila Mongan
Christine Paravinici
Eric Rasmussen
Karen Robertson
Jill Sampson
Eduardo Silva
Jeff Slavitz
Jan Thomas

We greatly appreciate the mentors of students who will be seniors this fall.

Mentors of Rising Seniors in Marin

Ginger Apperson
Rebecca Bailin
Meaghan Bertram
Margi Blunt
Susan Brennan
Vaness Holton
Kristina Campodonico
Janet Cutcliffe
Valerie Davis-Rucker
Ruth Dell
Mary Dinday
Lisa Epstein
Sherry Green
Khadija Hansia
Teri Hauswirth
Dale Hillard
Lori Holland
Judy Kramer
Magali Limeta
Pedro Moura
Becky Reed
Howard Ronder
Jann  Russell
Vicki Stolberg
Sherry Zagunis
Linda Jackson
Wynne Grossman

Mentors of Rising Seniors in Sonoma

Helen Bates
Sonny Bruno
Bill Carlsen
Carmen Castaldi
Stephanie Clark
Dolores Cortes-MacPherson
Mary Derner
Michael Fels
Jose Guillen
Perri Haughwout
Anna Heffron
Jen Klose
Eric Koenigshofer
Sue Lewis
Jim Marbach
Jerry Meshulam
Korin Morehouse
Gary Nelson
Sandra Ormerod
Sandra Ormerod
Barbara Saipe
Jerry Sarquis
Mickey Sarquis
Ann Scheder-Bieschin
Zoe Schwartz
Tanya Trimble
Rick Walzer

Ever wonder what a difference a mentor can make? We think General Colin L. Powell has a great story to tell in this video: