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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I record my hours online?

Your coordinator will provide you with a personalized link to the Volunteer Daily Hours Report. Please complete after each volunteering session.

How do I get in touch with my teacher?

  • Ask your teacher how she/he would like to be contacted (usually text or email).
  • Let your coordinator know if you have trouble getting a hold of the teacher.

How do I know when school is either not in session or has minimum days?

Please click here to find your specific district/school calendar.

How do I refer a friend who would like to volunteer?

[Link to volunteer application page]

What do I do if my placement is not working?

Contact your program coordinator to discuss your concerns. You and your coordinator will work together to determine if you need to change placements or schools.

What do I do if I lose my name badge?

Ask your program coordinator for a new one. You may also temporarily use a daily visitor badge from the front office.

What do I do if I cannot make it to my placement?

Anytime you will be unable to make it to your placement, text and/or email your teacher. As a last resort, you may leave a message for your teacher at the front office, however they may not receive the message until the end of the day. If time allows, please also let your coordinator know.

My student isn’t responsive to working with me. Any tips?

You may always reach out to your coordinator for tips, or you may click here to check out our online resources. [Link to TUTORING BASICS]

I am tutoring on-line. How do I get the Academic Success Zoom backgrounds?

We urge you to use one as your background when you’re working with students. They help identify why you’re on-screen with them.

  • Click here to access the files. The link will take you to a Dropbox site. (You do not need a Dropbox login to access it.)
  • In the upper right hand corner, click the button labelled “Download” and select Direct Download to save these files onto your computer.
  • Open your Zoom application and go to Settings to upload the files.
  • Select the Academic Success Zoom background that suits you.

If you have any trouble with these steps, please contact your coordinator.

Contact Academic Success Team:

Ingrid Sigarreta
Academic Success Manage
Email: ingrid.sigarreta (at) 10000degrees.org

Schools: Bahia Vista
And for general questions

Debra Fletcher
Academic Success Coordinator
Email: dfletcher (at) 10000degrees.org

Schools: All Sausalito Marin City schools, All Shoreline (West Marin) schools, TAM High & Mill Valley Middle School

Monica Golden
Academic Success Coordinator
Email: mgolden (at) 10000degrees.org

Schools: Coleman Elementary, San Pedro Elementary, Venetia Valley K-8 & Laurel Dell

Kim High
Academic Success Coordinator
Email: kim.high (at) 10000degrees.org

Schools: Coleman Elementary, San Rafael High, Terra Linda High & Davidson

Lisa Pavlovsky
Academic Success Coordinator
Email: lisa.pavlovsky (at) 10000degrees.org

Schools: All Novato Schools