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Policy, Advocacy and Government Affairs


The purpose of the 10,000 Degrees Government & Community Relations Team is to:

  • Maintain relationships with City, State and Federal Elected officials, government agencies, civic leaders and representatives from community based organizations 
  • Build visibility as a policy and thought leader in California
  • Identify government and institutional funding channels


  1. Develop and strengthen relationships with City, State and Federal officials as well as representatives from government, education, and community agencies
  2. Research and secure federal, state, and local  government grants. 
  3. Develop an annual legislative and advocacy agenda for 2019 and build capacity for 10,000 Degrees to effectively engage in local, state and federal policy advocacy. 
  4. Inform key legislators on issues concerning higher education matriculation, persistence and completion affecting 10,000 Degrees students and families.
  5. Establish and maintain collaborative efforts with institutions of higher education and K-12 to influence City, state, federal policy affecting 10KD

Key Policy and Advocacy Issues 

10,000 Degrees remains committed to the following advocacy issues: 

  • All students receive the necessary support to engage in and complete a rigorous college prep curriculum in high school.  
  • All students receive the necessary support to  navigate, apply for, and manage financial aid opportunities, especially low-income families. 
  • Ensure all students are made aware of, understand fully, and are provided the opportunity to take advantage of college success policies. 

For more information, contact:

Sbeydeh Resize

Sbeydeh Viveros-Walton
Director of Government & Community Relations
Phone: 415.526.5720
Email: sbeydeh.walton (at) 10000degrees.org