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Who opened a door of opportunity for you? Where would you be without it?

Since college provides opportunities for better lifelong wages, better health, a more engaged civic life, and longer lives, our focus is on college completion.

But the odds of getting the chance to go to college are stacked in favor for some and against others.

18,700 graduates

Just as the negative effects of poverty are cyclical and multi-generational, the positive effects of opportunity are as well. We believe that we are creating that cycle of opportunity through our 18,700 graduates.

By their example and by their actions they are changing the world.

How We’re Different

We develop solutions with people, not for people.

Unparalleled College Completion

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Sources: 2011 Pell Institute Fact Sheet*; Postsecondary Education Opportunity, Mortenson, 2010

How do we achieve such results?

A high-touch, individualized college counseling & financial aid advising program for our students begins early in high school and follows them through college graduation.

Our Efficiency

Greater Community Impact Through Alumni


Our alumni return to work with 10,000 Degrees® in postgraduate fellowships, volunteer positions, and as full-time staff. Their experiences raise hopes and lend credibility within their communities in ways that outsiders cannot.

More Funding for Students

We award $2.6 million in scholarships annually to low-income, first generation students who would never otherwise be able to consider going to college. We also help them find additional non-loan aid from a variety of sources.

$2.6 million

Awarded by 10,000 Degrees®

$14.4 million

Total free financial aid found/awarded to 10,000 Degrees® students


Average package of non-loan aid per 10,000 Degrees® student

That reduces the amount our students need to borrow. Despite being from the lowest income bracket, here’s how their average loans per year stack up:

Average amount of loans taken out per year

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