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Junior Workshops

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After watching the videos above, you are ready to finish by completing this form:

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Now, use the following websites to help you explore colleges and begin building your college list:

Step 1: Understanding Financial Aid

  1. Understanding Financial Aid: Part 1 – What Is Financial Aid?
  2. Understanding Financial Aid: Part 2 – Types of Financial Aid
  3. Understanding Financial Aid: Part 3 – More to Financial Aid

Step 2: Fill Out Financial Aid Assessment Form

Now that you have successfully watched the “Understand Financial Aid” videos, we now ask that you please take some time to complete this financial aid assessment. This assessment will help us to determine student content for the advising year and will help us to better understand were each of our students are at, in regards to the understanding the financial aid process!
Have fun and THANK YOU!

For more information, contact our College Access Team:

Alex Stern

Alex Stern
Program Director, North Bay
Phone: 415.451.4015
Email: astern (at) 10000degrees.org

Liz Perez

Liz Perez
Program Manager, Northern Sonoma & Sonoma Valley
Phone: 707.328.4041
Email: lperez (at) 10000degrees.org

Gracie Francisco

Gracie Francisco
Program Manager, Central & Northern Marin
Phone: 415.244.2936
Email: gfrancisco (at) 10000degrees.org

Gladys Cortez

Gladys Cortez Fajardo
Program Manager, Southern Sonoma & West Marin
Phone: 707.791.0653
Email: gcortez (at) 10000degrees.org

Hugo Que

Hugo Que
Interim Director Of College Access, Marin & Contra Costa

Phone: 707.328.4402
Email: hque (at) 10000degrees.org