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Joseph James Scholarship

Desegregation Agreement with California Attorney General

Administered by 10,000 Degrees

The Joseph James Scholarship supports Bayside Martin Luther King Jr. Academy graduates (between 2013 – 2019) in their pursuit of education and training after high school.

What is the Desegregation Scholarship?

This scholarship program was mandated by the settlement agreement with the CA State Attorney General as a remedy for operating a segregated school and racially discriminatory educational programs.


Who can apply for the scholarship?

  • Any students who attended Bayside Martin Luther King Academy for 4 or more consecutive months from 8/1/13 to 6/13/19 and;
  • Are enrolled or enrolling in an accredited college or trade program at least part time.


How do I apply?

  • Complete the online application (button above) and include academic transcripts, financial aid award letter, and documents to confirm your enrollment at Bayside Martin Luther King Academy during the periods outlined in the settlement.


What if I already applied or are receiving a 10,000 Degrees Scholarship?

If you already applied for or are currently receiving a 10,000 Degrees scholarship, you are still eligible to apply. Select ‘Yes’ on the application when asked if you have previously received support from 10,000 Degrees.


How do I confirm enrollment at Bayside Martin Luther King Academy?

The enrollment confirmation is flexible. If possible, please provide at least one of the following: report card, class photo, diploma, student records, CUM folder or a letter showing enrollment and naming at least 2 teachers and a principal and the grade level the student was enrolled in. You will have a chance to upload this information during the application process.


How do I get a financial aid award letter?

Your college or university will provide you a financial aid award letter after you complete either the FAFSA (fafsa.gov) or the California Dream Act Application (caldreamact.org). They will usually be available on your online student portal.


When is the deadline?

Scholarships will be awarded on a rolling basis as resources are available.


How do I get the money?

Once you receive a scholarship award email, you will be asked to provide an enrollment confirmation showing the institution, program and number of units you are enrolled/enrolling in. After review, your scholarship will be mailed to you via check. The scholarship payment will be in two installments, each for one semester.


Do I have to attend school full-time?

We encourage students to enroll full-time, however, you must be enrolled at least part-time to receive this scholarship.


Is the scholarship renewable?

At this time BMLK students who attended between 8/1/13 and 8/1/14 are eligible for one year awards. Students who attended between 8/1/14 – 6/13/19 are eligible for up to two years of funding (you must reapply each year).


What can I use the scholarship money for?

Scholarships can be used for all expenses related to your education including tuition, books, transportation, food or housing.


Why is the scholarship only for years 13-14 and 14-19 and above? MLK was very much segregated and doing poorly when I attended.

The scholarship eligibility was determined by the Attorney General.


Can the funds be used for graduate school?

Yes, the funds can be used for graduate school.


How much would the scholarship amount be?

The scholarship will be up to $1500 each year.


Career Counseling and Internship help is available.

College of Marin’s Internship Program provides students with supervised work experiences that are related to their fields of study or career interests. It will allow you to gain valuable exposure to the workplace, provide the opportunity for skill development, and give you a competitive edge in the job search. If you’re interested in pursuing an internship or receiving general career counseling, please contact Alexander Jones.


Who is Joseph James?

Joseph James was a black Marinship welder who played a brief but important role in Sausalito and Marin City’s history by successfully challenging discriminatory union practices in the shipyards, in a case that went all the way to the State Supreme Court.  You can read more about him here.

For more information, contact:

Jin Choi
Director, Scholarship Programs
Phone: 415.451.4002
Email: jchoi (at) 10000degrees.org