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 2023-2024 Money Matters!

Budgeting for College Workshops

Learn about upcoming Money Matter workshops, view available individual/group volunteer opportunities, and sign up below. We thank you for your interest and support!

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All individuals will receive an email 2 weeks prior to the workshop with details around parking, address, check-in instructions, etc.

What is Money Matters?

Money Matters! is an interactive financial aid literacy curriculum designed by 10,000 Degrees for high school students. Participating students juggle set budgets and flexible pricing for college-related expenses, including books, transportation, electronics, and housing. Students rotate between 9 stations that are manned by 10,000 Degrees staff and volunteers and are challenged to make difficult budgeting decisions, including being encouraged to spend more than they should on products and services they more than likely will not need! Students leave with a new appreciation for the many challenges of making ends meet while also realizing college is affordable.


  • Students learn from their decision-making that college is possible and affordable by accessing free financial aid and making thoughtful college choices.
  • Highlight the importance of submitting a financial aid application (FAFSA/CADA).
  • Students will grow their advocacy skills by actively budgeting their cost of attendance.
  • Students begin to understand college-related expenses and how financial aid plays a role in reducing out-of-pocket costs.
  • Students begin building relationships with 10,000 Degrees Staff and learning about our programming, services, and resources offered at their campus.
  • Students learn about the 10,000 Degrees College Opportunities Summit, a college summer prep program, that will support them to start their college journey and senior year strong.
  • Students receive information about the 10,000 Degrees Scholarship.

Volunteer Role

Individual and group volunteer opportunities are available! All volunteers will be placed at a station to sell items to students visiting their table. Volunteers can “upsell” students on expensive items or they can help them pick the “financially responsible” item. Money Matters is an amazing opportunity to see 10,000 Degrees Fellows and programming in action.

Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 Events

All individuals will receive an email 2 weeks prior to the workshop with details around parking, address, check-in instructions, etc.

Some events are still finalizing dates and times, please check back for new information and updates.

Region/County High School Date Time Volunteer Status
San Mateo Woodside High School Wednesday, October 11, 2023 10:15 AM – 1:00 PM Need Volunteers

For more information, contact:

Megan Topping
Director, Corporate Engagement

mtopping (at) 10000degrees.org

Maria Hernandez Pereira
Director of Curriculum & Engagement

maria.hernandez (at) 10000degrees.org