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10,000 Degrees Evaluated by TCC Group

The TCC Group — a national firm that provides strategy, evaluation, and capacity-building services to funders and nonprofits — evaluated 10,000 Degrees and provided their report on January 31, 2011.

Download the full Executive Summary.

Read their conclusions below:

10,000 Degrees has a demonstrably positive effect on the educational outcomes of the students that participate in its programs. The organization can use this evidence to build on what works and improve what does not.

There remains room for improvements in 10,000 Degrees’ programs. In particular, reframing or restructuring those program elements that have less of an impact on students’ outcomes, building up the mentoring program, and better engaging parents/guardians can all contribute to strengthening the organization’s already robust programs.

Parents/guardians, in particular, seem to be an untapped resource that can help 10,000 Degrees staff and volunteers achieve organizational goals. Comments in the parents/guardians’ focus group reflect a desire to be more engaged and better informed by the organization to help parents/guardians support their child’s educational goals. Parents/guardians expressed a profound appreciation for the impact the 10,000 Degrees has on their child’s life, and this reserve of goodwill can be leveraged to support both programmatic and organizational goals. Put another way, it is likely that they would be willing to become engaged in the organization’s work, not just to support their own child’s outcomes but to support the organization overall – by serving on boards, committees, conducting outreach to and providing training for other parents, engaging in grassroots fundraising, etc.

10,000 Degrees’ alumni think very highly of the organization’s programs and the impact these have had on their lives. 10,000 can capitalize on this abundance of positive regard and goodwill to further strengthen existing programs, support the organization’s overall efforts, and continue to build a cross-generational community to support both current and former students.