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10,000 Degrees President Kim Mazzuca talks about choosing a college on KQED's Forum with Michael Krasny.

At this time of year, many high school seniors are busy weighing their college options — and the final decision can be a tricky one. We talk with students and counselors about what factors to consider when making the choice.


Michael Krasny


  • Ethan Ris, founder of Ethan Ris & Associates College Admissions Counseling, in San Francisco
  • Kim Mazzuca, president and CEO of 10,000 Degrees, a nonprofit organization advocating for equal educational opportunities and assisting low-income students from Marin, Sonoma and Solano high schools
  • Marty Nemko, contributing editor, careers for U.S. News and World Report and author of "Cool Careers for Dummies"
  • Molly Sobel, senior at Novato High School


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