Learn about the impact of our work & why your support matters.

Fund a Brighter Future!

Here’s a great way to directly help our students succeed at college! At this year’s annual fundraising gala, One Amazing Night, slated for Saturday, April 29, you can donate specifically toward some of our program initiatives.

For example, $500 covers the cost of one-on-one financial counseling for 25 students. $2,500 covers the transportation costs for 100 high school students to tour a local college. And $10,000 covers the cost of a 4-day in-residence college immersion experience for 10 high school students.

All you have to do is raise your paddle during the Fund-A-Future portion of the program at this year’s One Amazing Night, and you can directly fund a brighter future for 10,000 Degrees students!

Interested in more information about funding our programs or making donations at this year’s gala? Contact Caroline Silverstein at 415-451-4016 or csilverstein@10000degrees.org.