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Mentors Ease College Leap

This time of year, 10,000 Degrees students are beginning to make the move from high school student to college student. 10,000 Degrees mentors play an important role in smoothing this challenging and often emotional transition.

For many mentors, putting together a “closing celebration” with their student can be incredibly rewarding, typically doing something fun both mentor and student can enjoy. It’s really a wonderful chance to reflect on the work done thus far and the exciting challenges ahead.

An important point of emphasis for students during this time of transition is celebrating the courage they have exhibited thus far, including maintaining an 18-month relationship with their mentor. Mentors also encourage students to make sure they seek out new academic and social mentors once they begin their college experience, including faculty, advisors, and administrators.

Now is also a good time to discuss what’s next once students leave for college. Some students seek a certain level of independence at college, while others appreciate maintaining the relationship while away at school. What’s important is setting expectations, so both parties know what to plan for in the future.

To all 10,000 Degrees mentors, thank you for your invaluable support! You are truly one degree of change for our students! If you’re interested in becoming a 10,000 Degrees mentor, contact Megan Topping at mtopping@10000degrees.org.