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Money Matters at College

This year’s Summer Intensives, including two four-day programs hosted at San Francisco State University and two four-day programs hosted at St. Mary’s College, featured a new interactive financial literacy exercise, Money Matters: Budgeting for College. Participating students juggled set budgets and flexible pricing for real-world expenses, including books, transportation, electronics, and housing. Meanwhile, 10,000 Degrees staff and volunteers manned tables and challenged students to make difficult budgeting decisions, including encouraging students to spend more than they should on products and services they more than likely did not need! In the end, students, staff, and volunteers came away with a new appreciation for the many challenges of making ends meet.

Special thanks to volunteers from Goldman Sachs and Loomis, Sayles & Company whose patience, generosity, and good cheer helped make this valuable exercise fun and informative!

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