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Honoring Our Angel Investors, Mitch & Susan Cohen

Pepe Gonzalez & Kim Mazzuca honoring Mitch & Susan Cohen

Pepe Gonzalez & Kim Mazzuca honoring Mitch & Susan Cohen

On April 30th, I had the distinct honor to present with our Board Chair, Pepe Gonzalez, in presenting this year’s Pay-It-Forward award to Mitch and Susan Cohen.  The Pay It Forward award was established by the 10,000 Degrees’ Board of Directors in 2003 to recognize the visionary leadership and extraordinary generosity of an individual, individuals or business.

When we first shared with Mitch and Susan that we wanted to honor them, they were extremely hesitant of this public recognition. But this didn’t surprise us—for those of us who know Susan and Mitch, you know they are two people who give from their hearts, unconditionally. They are devoted and loving parents of their three children, Alex, Josh and Rebecca and their dog Leo. They are known for opening their family to their children’s friends and teammates. They have devoted their philanthropy and community involvement to ensuring opportunity for others and they want what is right, fair and just

In 2011, Mitch and Susan started us on a path of growth and created the Angel Investors—a growing group of individuals who are committed to amplifying our impact and achieving educational equity. Thanks to our Angel Investors we have just launched the second phase of our growth campaign, the ONE Degree Fund, which will help us.  Mitch and Susan at 10,000 Degree’s One Degree of Change—and have changed our world and the worlds of thousands more who will go on to touch the lives of generations to come.  Thank you.