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Senator McGuire Honors 10,000 Degrees as 2019 Nonprofit of the Year

Sacramento, CA – Senator Mike McGuire is proud to announce that 10,000 Degrees – an organization that has changed the lives of thousands of students from low income backgrounds by helping them get to and through college – has been chosen as the North Coast Nonprofit of the year. 

“10,000 Degrees is the real deal. Their life changing program provides students with unprecedented support and the tools they need to not just attend college, but graduate and thrive in life,” Senator Mike McGuire said. “All of the students 10,000 Degrees works with are from families who live at or below the poverty level and 85 percent are the first to attend college. We are thrilled to recognize 10,000 Degrees and their dedicated team as the North Coast’s Nonprofit of the Year.”

When youth have access to the education they deserve, they gain the confidence and knowledge base to fully recognize their own potential, and 10,000 Degrees has been dedicated to providing that opportunity through a variety of invaluable services including mentorships, financial aid support and college planning and application guidance. By investing in their community’s future, starting with elementary school students and encouraging them throughout their school careers, 10,000 Degrees is ensuring the next generation of college graduates know their worth and potential from an early age.

10,000 Degrees is that rare organization that exists solely for the growth and benefit of the people and community they serve.

“We are honored to be a voice in our community that is entirely dedicated to encouraging and inspiring students from low-income backgrounds to achieve their educational dreams. We are working to create a pipeline of local leaders and college graduates who, in turn, actively engage the next cohort of aspiring college students in our communities. We are so fortunate to have such a dedicated team, many of whom are program alumni themselves, working within a community that has supported us at every opportunity,” said Kim Mazzuca, President & CEO of 10,000 Degrees. “We thank Senator McGuire for this honor and are privileged to continue to be advocates for our students and the North Bay’s future.”

For almost 40 years, 10,000 Degrees has supported thousands of students by creating accessibility to a college education that has been lacking for far too many families, and in doing so has reminded students not only that they are competent, capable and valued, but also of their limitless potential for growth.

Representatives from 10,000 Degrees will join Senator McGuire at the State Capitol on June 5 for a special ceremony in recognition of nonprofits across the state that have been chosen to represent their districts for California Nonprofits Day.