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We love you and believe in you. You are ONE DEGREE!

Dear 10,000 Degrees students,

I’m reaching out to you to touch base following the disturbing news about the college admissions scandal. We are both saddened and outraged but, unfortunately, not surprised.

While you may be wondering how something like this can happen, especially while you are working so hard to realize your college dreams, I want to be clear about a few things:

You belong here. Education is transformative and belongs to all of us. While others may think of college as something you can buy or cheat your way through, you are here to learn, to grow, and to pursue your dreams. You are amazing!

You are not alone. Right here and right now in the Bay Area and throughout California, as well as across the nation, there are many, many students just like you, forging their own paths, overcoming challenges, and making the world a better place. Thank you!

You are the future. You are expanding your horizons each and every day, taking advantage of opportunities, and sharpening your skills. At the same time, you are paving the way for your families and your communities – you are the future.

We are here for you. We will continue to provide you with the tools and personal support you need, along with access to resources that will help you succeed at college and beyond. The incredible individuals and community partners donating their time and money to 10,000 Degrees are committed to helping you graduate. We will never give up!

The facts are: 10,000 Degrees college students graduate at a rate over 80% – that’s higher than your fellow “high-income” students. Today 10,000 Degrees supports over 2,000 college students at more than 50 colleges across the country – we believe in each and every one of you. And this year, we received over 2,600 scholarship applications – with the help of our donors and partners, we’re doing our best to fund them all.

Lastly, let’s remember, it’s not about where you go to college. What matters is what you do once you get there. So continue being the outstanding people you are – read, study hard, ask questions, go to office hours, enjoy a little campus life, and lean on your 10,000 Degrees team – we‘re here for you, any time, all the time.

We love you and believe in you. You are ONE DEGREE!

In solidarity,

Kim Mazzuca
10,000 Degrees President & CEO