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College Success

Arnold, now College Ambassador (from posters)

“No one in my entire family has been educated past middle school. I wanted to be the first to graduate from college and set a new benchmark for my family.”

Once we connect with our students, we won’t leave them alone until they have graduated from college.  We make them a promise:  We will not give up on you, and you can never, ever give up on yourself.

We can’t drop our graduates at the door to college. Almost all of them are first in their families to attend college and many will be the only one from their high school or local community to go away to college. Once at college, they may be in a minority because of their racial, ethnic, or socioeconomic background.

That’s why, in addition to scholarships and financial aid management, we have the following programs to prepare our students for college and support them during their entire time there.


Hands-on Financial Aid Management

Orientation to College

Transfer program from two- to four-year colleges

Year-round small group advisory

On-campus support through our College Ambassador program

Regular check-ins via calls, texts, email, and social media

Summer Bridge program at College of Marin