Learn about the impact of our work & why your support matters.

10,000 Degrees® is the leading, equity-focused scholarship provider and college success nonprofit in California.

Who We Serve

We support 12,000+ students and families across eight Bay Area counties:
San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma, Napa, Lake, Contra Costa, San Mateo, and Santa Clara.


Low-income backgrounds


Black, Indigenous, Latinx & People of Color


First generation to attend college

How We Do It & How We’re Different

We believe in the potential of all students.

Unlike other college support organizations, there is no GPA or test score requirement to participate. Our approach is equity-focused, student-centered, and strength-based.

An innovative Fellowship program.

Guided by our knowledgeable Program Managers, our Fellows are recent college graduates and mostly 10,000 Degrees alumni who share lived experiences and backgrounds with our students. Their deep content expertise and strength-based approach allow these near-peer mentors to connect meaningfully with students to help them navigate their college success journey.

Strong community college pathway.

Whether our students aim to graduate from a community college or transfer to a four-year institution, our teams provide broad community college support.

Comprehensive support to and through college.

We continuously customize and adapt to meet the needs of students, schools, and communities to provide wraparound support; college pathways awareness & preparation; college & financial aid advising and navigation; scholarships & financial aid management; college success support; community college transfer support; career & graduate school readiness; and alumni success.

Core Values

We Believe

  • In the great potential of all students
  • Every student should have equitable opportunities to a quality education and to graduate from college
  • All our students and alumni are changemakers
  • A college degree changes lives, families, and entire communities
  • Education is the foundation of a just and equitable society

What We Do

Support to, Through, and Beyond College

  • College Pathways Awareness & Preparation
  • College & Financial Aid Advising and Navigation
  • Scholarships & Financial Aid Management
  • College Success Support
  • Community College Transfer Support
  • Career & Graduate School Readiness
  • Alumni Success

How We Do it

Equity-Focused, Student-Centered, and Strength-Based

  • No GPA or Test Score Requirement
  • Innovative Fellowship Program
  • Near-Peer Coaching
  • Embedded on Campuses & Virtually
  • Community, High School & Post-Secondary Partnerships
  • Campus Practitioner Workshops & Training

Our Impact By the Numbers

13% of students nationwide from low-income backgrounds earn bachelor’s degrees by age 24 versus 62% of their wealthy peers.* 10,000 Degrees graduation rates far exceed national averages.

* “Indicators of Higher Education Equity in the United States: 2019 Historical Trend Report,” Pell Institute

More Financial Support & Less Student Debt


More Financial Support

We provide over $4.5M in scholarships and help to leverage over $27M in free financial aid.


Less student debt

Our college students graduate with 88% less student loan debt than their national peers.

For more information, contact:

Vanessa Bishop
Chief Program Officer

Phone: 415.524.7327
Email: vanessa.bishop (at) 10000degrees.org

Hugo Que
Interim Director Of College Access, Marin & Contra Costa

Phone: 707.328.4402
Email: hque (at) 10000degrees.org

Jose Jimenez
Director of College Access, San Francisco & South Bay

Phone: 415.599.6408
Email: jjimenez (at) 10000degrees.org

Tania Requenes
Director of Community College Success

Phone: 415.246.8283
Email: trequenes (at) 10000degrees.org

Karla Santiago
Director of 4 Year & Alumni Success

Phone: 415.720.9063
Email: ksantiago (at) 10000degrees.org

Eli Weinzveg
Director of College Pathways, Sonoma, Lake & Napa

Email: eli.weinzveg (at) 10000degrees.org

Liz Perez
Interim Director Of College Access, Marin & Contra Costa

Phone: 707.328.4041
Email: lperez (at) 10000degrees.org