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Scholarship Partners

We are grateful to the many individuals and organizations who established and contribute to scholarship funds that help our students achieve their educational goals.

100 Black Men of Sonoma County Scholarship Fund°

African American Achievement Scholarship Fund

Alexander Valley Scholarship Fund

The Isabel Allende Foundation°°

American Institute of Architects Redwood Empire Scholarship Fund°

The Anderson Gram Scholarship°°°

Aron’s Records Music Scholarship

The Asian Scholarship°°

Hank Barner Scholarship

Jean M. Bedecarrax Scholarship Trust

Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco°

The Brenlar Fund

Bromberg Family Scholarship°

Carl Bronstein Memorial Scholarship°°

Buck Family Fund of the Marin Community Foundation°°°°

Building Better Teachers Scholarship°°

The Marilyn Burns Scholarship°°

California Student Aid Commission

Canal Alliance°

Carlisle Van Ornum Vocational Scholarship Fund°

E. & Eileen Castner Scholarship Fund°

Moira Chatton Memorial Scholarship°

Child Care Scholarship Fund°°

The Alexandra Christensen Scholarship°

Cinco De Mayo Scholarship Fund°

The Cohen Scholarship°°

College Futures Foundation°°

College of Marin°°

Community College Success Scholarship

Community Foundation Sonoma County°

Jean Davis Music Scholarship°

Jay Deaton Memorial Scholarship Fund for Agriculture°

Mark and Eric Dolan Family Scholarship°°

Dry Creek Valley Scholarship Fund°°

EAH Housing Scholarship

Elsie Allen High School Scholarship Fund

The Andrea & Wayne Erdbrink Scholarship°°

The Louise Erdman Scholarship°

Family Help Fund/ Lillian Oney Scholarship°°

Family Scholarship Fund for Sequoias San Francisco

The Flagg/Rocca Scholarship°

The Beatrice Fox Auerbach Foundation Scholarship°°

The Fullerton Family Foundation°°°

The Gant Family Foundation°

The Joseph A. & Judith M. Gappa Fund

The Garrett Family Scholarship°°°

The Gilardi Scholarship°

The Gruber Scholarship°°°

Sara Hart Kimball Endowment Fund°°°

The Heen-Scogland Scholarship

The Helen Kellum Fund°

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Fund°

Hotel Healdsburg Fund°

Hunter House Scholarship

Jackson Family Wines Cares Scholarship°

John Jordan Scholarship°

Andy & Mitch Joyful Jumpstart Scholarship Fund for Teachers°°°

The Kai Chong Tong Scholarship Fund°°

Kaiser Permanente Northern California Fund for Health Education°°

Kent Rogers Kincaid Scholarship Fund°°

The Kettenhoffen Scholarship°°

La Familia Endowment Fund°°

La Tortilla Factory/Jose & Mary Tamayo Memorial Scholarship Fund°

Lua Pires De Almeida Scholarship Fund°°

The Lucy and Lepage Scholarship°°°

The Lynx Foundation Scholarship°°

Marin County Bar Association Law School Scholarship°

Marin Retired Teachers Association Scholarship Foundation Endowment Fund°°°

Marin Retirement Communities Scholarship Fund°°

The Marjorie Mooney Scholarship Fund°°

Jean & Larry Marks Family Fund

Mike & Suzy Marzalek Family Scholarship°

Mayflower Scholarship Fund°

MCBA Legal Education Scholarship Fund°

Meritus Scholarship°°°°

Merritt’s Vision Scholarship Fund

Michael’s Family Foundation Scholarship

The Milagro Foundation°

Expenditure Fund of The Mill Valley Rotary Service Fund°°°

Minds Matter SF

Mission San Rafael Professional and Technical Training Scholarship°°

Mission San Rafael Rotary Club Foundation Scholarship°°

Anonymous Fund at Napa Valley Community Foundation

Neall Family Charitable Foundation Scholarship

New Roads High School Scholarship°

Novato Unified School District

Michael F. O’Donnell Memorial Scholarship Fund°

Oakmont Rainbow Women Scholarship Fund°

The Ohlson Family Scholarship Fund°

Paradise Oaks Youth Services

Pay It Forward Scholarship

Peanuts on Parade Scholarship Fund°

Peninsula/Southbay Scholarship

Pontacq Scholarship

The Press Democrat Scholarship

Ramco Scholarship Fund°

Redwood Empire Estate Planning Council Scholarship Fund°

The Laurie Reibeling Scholarship

The Roseland Alumni Scholarship

The Rosenberger Scholarship°°°

Rotary Club of Marin Evening Foundation°

Ross Valley Rotary Club Foundation°

Ron Rudolph Petaluma High School Athletic Scholarship Fund°

San Francisco Yacht Club Scholarship°°

San Rafael City Schools

The Sangiacomo Family Scholarship°

The Dale Satake Scholarship

Sausalito Rotary°°

Sausalito Rotary Educational Scholarship Fund°°

The Rachel Share Memorial Scholarship°

The Lisa & Hal Shenson Scholarship°

Sierra Garden Scholarship

SMART Scholarship

Mickey Smith Memorial Scholarship°

Sonoma County Medical Association & Alliance Health Care Scholarship Fund°

Sonoma County Superintendent Scholarship°

Mitchell Soso Scholarship Fund°

St. Francis Yacht Club Scholarship°°

Lynda Storek Scholarship°

Robert Bertrand Studnick Memorial Fund°

Summer Bridge Scholarship

The Dolores Swoyer Scholarship°°

Terri Tachovsky & Karen Knudson

Tamalpais Union High School District

Tipping Point Scholarship°°°

Richard T. Torkelson Memorial Fund for Journalism°

Transportation Authority of Marin Scholarship

The Uplands Family Foundation

The Vallejo High Hope Scholarship°

Valley of the Moon Rotary Club Scholarship

Andy & Beverly Wallstrum Memorial Scholarship Fund°

The Westly Foundation

The Claire & Stanley Withers Scholarship Fund°

John & Shirley Ziolkowski Scholarship Fund



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For more information about becoming a scholarship partner, contact:

Jin Choi
Director, Scholarship Programs
Phone: 415.451.4002
Email: jchoi (at) 10000degrees.org