Learn about the impact of our work & why your support matters.


As we continue to close the opportunity gap in the North Bay, 10,000 Degrees® remains focused on the future — the future of our students, our organization, and our collective ability to effect positive, sustainable change in our communities.

2016 was a transformative year in America, and as history proves again and again, the future will be defined by what we do today. Now more than ever, through the generosity and perseverance of our devoted supporters and strategic partners, we stand poised to foster even greater possibilities for our students and families on a grand scale.

As you review our 2016 Progress Report, celebrate just how successful we’ve been this year, but also be mindful of how much work remains to be done. Together we’re changing the world, one degree at a time. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your generous support.

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