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Solomon Scholarship

The Solomon Scholarship supports qualified MBA, MPP, MM (Masters of Management), and Joint Degree (MA/MBA and MPP/MBA) candidates who have been accepted into the Lokey School of Business and Public Policy at Mills College. 

If you qualify to apply to the Solomon Scholarship and would like more information, please use the contact information listed at the bottom of this page to connect with the 10,000 Degrees Scholarship Department.

The Solomon Scholarship Fund was founded in honor of Winifred Solomon, born in Brooklyn, New York in 1928. “Winnie” graduated high school at age 16 and attended City College of New York majoring in Business Administration, which was a very rare concentration for a woman in the 1940s. Married at age 19, she enjoyed a 61-year marriage to her husband, Morton Barad. They raised two boys near Boston, Massachusetts, where Winnie was active in local politics and progressive social causes. Her first full-time professional job was as the very first Equal Employment Officer for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University. Throughout her career and in her professional life, Winnie was a mentor and role model for young women and men. In retirement, she and her husband relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area.

NOTE: If eligible, you are required to complete and file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before applying for the Solomon Scholarship. The FAFSA is available at studentaid.gov. If you are not eligible to file the FAFSA, you must fill out the California Dream Act application, if eligible. The California Dream Act application is available at www.caldreamact.org

In addition, you will need your financial information along with your parents’ financial information (tax returns from previous two years, W-2’s, etc.) to complete the application for the Solomon Scholarship.

For more information, contact our Scholarship Team:

Jin Choi
Director, Scholarship Programs
Phone: 415.451.4002
Email: jchoi (at) 10000degrees.org

Stephanie Hamilton
Scholarship Manager
Phone: 415.451.4004
Email: shamilton (at) 10000degrees.org

Marisol Magaña Bright
Scholarship Coordinator
Phone: 415.233.4573
Email: mmagana (at) 10000degrees.org

Brisia Reales
Scholarship Coordinator
Phone: 415.459.4240 ext. 156
Email: brisia.reales (at) 10000degrees.org