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Summer of Success

Your Toolkit for College and Beyond

Join our summer series of videos, webinars and Q&As to learn everything you need to know to succeed before, during, and after your college journey.

Why College?

Discover What a College Degree Can Do

If you’re a first-generation student who wants to attend college, financial security isn’t the only reason to attend. A college degree offers so many more advantages! This week, the 10,000 Degrees College Success team breaks down why a college education can be so valuable to you.

Why is college so important? What is the value of a college degree? Our 10,000 Degree College Success Team answers these questions and more.

Our 10,000 Degree College Success Team look back on their college lives and share their favorite experiences.

Listen in on a conversation with our College Success team and current and former 10,000 Degrees staff to discover the advantages of getting your college degree.

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Alex Stern

Alex Stern
Program Director, North Bay
Phone: 415.451.4015
Email: astern (at) 10000degrees.org

Chris Gonzales

Christopher Gonzales
Program Director, New Markets
Phone: 951.807.1241
Email: cgonzales (at) 10000degrees.org

Scott BonDurant

Scott BonDurant
Program Director, College Success & Fellowship
Phone: 415.451.4011
Email: sbondurant (at) 10000degrees.org