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Your Virtual Toolkits for College & Beyond

Learn everything you need to know to succeed before, during, and after your college journey by using our virtual Toolkits below.


Why College?

Discover What a College Degree Can Do

If you’re a first-generation student who wants to attend college, financial security isn’t the only reason to attend. A college degree offers so many more advantages! In our virtual Why College Tooklit, the 10,000 Degrees College Success team breaks down why a college education can be so valuable to you.

Toolkit includes:

  • The Importance & Value of a College Degree (video)
  • Our Favorite College Memories & Experiences (video)
  • Why College? The Advantages of Getting Your College Degree (video)

Prepping for Fall

Steps to Successfully Start the Semester

Are you a rising senior or college freshmen? Learn everything you need to know and actions you can take during the summer to be successful when school begins in Fall. In this Toolkit, we’ll cover topics like financial aid, class registration, scholarship searches, and tips for connecting to on-campus support.

Toolkit includes:⁠

  • Part 1: Important things that every high school senior and incoming college freshmen should know (video)⁠
  • Part 2: Everything you need to know to get connected and engaged with your school, start making friends, and find the resources you need when you start college (video)⁠

College Success Road Map

Explore the Different College Systems & Requirements

Rising juniors and seniors: Do you have questions about applying to college? In our College Success Roadmap Toolkit, watch a series of videos that answer frequently asked questions, such as:

  • What are the A-G requirements?
  • Do I need to take the SAT/ACT?
  • What are the differences between UCs, CSUs, and community colleges?
  • Do personal statements matter?
  • How do I build a college list?

Plus watch a video where our 10,000 Degrees staff answer questions about the college application process from a recent live Zoom Q&A (video)

The Community College Pathway

How to Go from a Community College to a 4-Year College

High School students: Learn why going to community college is a great pathway to college and career success! In this Toolkit, our Fellows and community college students debunk the most common myths about community college and provide tips and tricks on how to maximize your success in community college thru transfer to a four-year university.

Toolkit includes:⁠

  • Community College Myths Debunked! (video)⁠
  • Tips for Community College & Transfer Success (video)
  • Student-Focused Community College Success Webinar – Current community college students & 1st year transfer students at 4-year colleges share their experiences in community college and about their transfer process. (video)

Paying for College

How to Get Financial Aid, Grants & More

Students: are you trying to figure out how to pay for college? Financial aid can be one of the best ways to help answer that question. In this Toolkit, we break down all the different types of financial aid that are available, and how to fill our applications correctly!

Toolkit Includes:

  • Understanding Financial Aid – What is it, what’s available & how to get it
    • Part 1 – What Is Financial Aid? (video)
    • Part 2 – Types of Financial Aid (video)
    • Part 3 – More to Financial Aid (video)
  • Paying for College (video) – Financial aid myths & info you need to apply
  • How to apply to FAFSA
  • How to apply to California Dream Act

Budgeting for College

Finances 101 & Budgeting for College

Students: do you need help managing your money in college? In this Toolkit, we cover different ways to help you manage your finances as you transition and go through college, including using credit cards, buying more affordable textbooks, and more.

Toolkit Includes:

  • Credit Card 101 & Budgeting in College (video)
  • Transition to College (video)
  • Top 5 tips for money management in college
  • Tips for buying/renting textbooks
  • Pro Tips for Ordering Books Online

Career Success

Jump Start & Pandemic-Proof Your Career

In this Toolkit, explore healthcare, venture capital & tech careers by watching our recent roundtable webinars featuring current professionals, students, and alumni. You’ll also get access to helpful career resources!

Toolkit includes:

  • Exploring Healthcare Careers Webinar (video)
  • Spring 2020 Career Panel Webinar (video)
  • Career Success Website
  • Resume Template
  • Career Success updates on IG @ 10KDSuccess

Graduate School 101

Everything You Want to Know About Grad School

Is graduate school right for you? Check out some of 10,000 Degrees’ staff perspectives on why they decided to attend grad school. We’ve also compiled the Top 10 reasons you should consider grad school in the future. For those interested in law, we have current law professionals, and aspiring law students answering your questions about law school and beyond.

Toolkit Includes:

  • Exploring Law School Webinar (video)
  • Why Grad School? (video)
  • Top 5 Reasons to attend Grad School (IG POST)/Infographic)
  • Spring 2020 Career Panel Webinar with Chris Garcia, Law Panelist (video)
  • Career Success Website
  • Resume Template
  • Career Success updates on IG @ 10KDSuccess

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