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I Got In!

Congratulations to our inspiring 10,000 Degrees high school graduates, who are headed off to the following colleges and universities this fall!

Princesella Agbonkonkon, San Diego City College

Emerson Aleman, College of Marin

Aija Alex, University of California Santa Cruz

Alejandra Alvarez, University of California Santa Barbara

Marc Alvarez, Santa Rosa Junior College

Valeria Alvarez, University of California Irvine

Sintia Amador Martinez, Sonoma State University

Stephanie Angulo, Occidental College

Elizabeth Aparicio, Santa Rosa Junior College

Danilo Armas, College of Marin

Imani Askari, California State University East Bay

Jessica Ayala, Santa Rosa Junior College

Yusuf Azam, College of Marin

Brianna Banks-McLean, California Polytechnic University Pomona

Abril Barbosa, Santa Rosa Junior College

Daisy Barraza, California State University Sacramento

Maria Benitez Rafael, Sonoma State University

Karen Bolanos, College of Marin

Barbara Bravo, University of California Santa Barbara

Leonardo Cadillo, College of Marin

Mirella Calvillo, San Francisco State University

Maribel Campos, Sonoma State University

Allen Canseco, Santa Rosa Junior College

Jaqueline Cao, Santa Rosa Junior College

Monica Carillo, Rivas San Francisco State University

Isela Carreras, San Francisco State University

Diana Chan, University of California Merced

Jose Chavarria, Sonoma State University

Humberto Chavez, Sonoma State University

Marady Chhim, University of California Davis

Josue Chicas, Santa Rosa Junior College

Edin Cifuentes, California State University Channel Islands

Eneyda Cifuentes, California State University Sacramento

Bryan Cruz, Santa Rosa Junior College

Susan Cruz, University of California Merced

Elizabeth Cruz Reyes, California State University Monterey Bay

Gregorio De la Cruz, Sonoma State University

Karla De La Cruz, Santa Rosa Junior College

Henry De Leon Signor, College of Marin

Luis Eduardo De Oliveira, College of Marin

Emile Del Barrio, San Francisco State University

Lesly Deleon, Sonoma State University

Ana Diaz, University of California Merced

Andi Diaz, University of Redlands

Mario Diaz, California State University Sacramento

Rosa Diaz, California State University Sacramento

Magdalena Enamorado Bonilla, University of Chicago

Maria Escobar, Santa Rosa Junior College

Marina Escobar, Vazquez California State University East Bay

Jacqueline Esquivel Vasquez, University of California Berkeley

Dereka Ethridge, College of Marin

Robert Everette, California State University Chico

Daisy Fajardo, California State University Channel Islands

Dante Feliciano, California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo

Dayrin Flores, Sonoma State University

Kelly Flores, College of Marin

Yadira Flores, Santa Rosa Junior College

Carlos Garcia, College of Marin

Jane Garcia, San Francisco State University

Johana Garcia, Sonoma State University

Miguel Garcia, Santa Rosa Junior College

Eduardo Garcia Hernandez, Santa Rosa Junior College

Michelle Godoy, Santa Rosa Junior College

Jerry Gomez, Santa Rosa Junior College

Alejandra Gonzales, Sonoma State University

Freddy Gonzalez, Santa Rosa Junior College

Jose Gonzalez, Santa Rosa Junior College

Vivian Gonzalez, California State University Channel Islands

Rony Gramajo, University of California Santa Barbara

Juan Guzman, Ohlone Community College

Adalid Hernandez, University of California Merced

Ibeth Hernandez, Santa Rosa Junior College

Maria Hernandez, University of California Irvine

Esri Hernandez Perez, California State University Sacramento

Jacqueline Herrera, Santa Rosa Junior College

Genesis Higueros, University of California Merced

Ricardo Hinostroza, Sonoma State University

Linh Huynh, California State University  Long Beach

Jose (Alfredo) Jimenez, Santa Rosa Junior College

Sabine Jimenez, JC in Texas

Luca Lagares, Las Positas Community College

Samantha Lamos, University of California Berkeley

Yesenia Landaverde, University of San Francisco

Melanny Lemus, Sonoma State University

Willy Lepori, Santa Rosa Junior College

Jocelyn Lezama, Rodriguez Santa Rosa Junior College

Jessica Limeta, California State University Humbolt

Ariana Lopez, College of Marin

Elvin Lopez, University of Arizona

Joselyn Lopez, California State University Sacramento

Ursula Lopez, University of California Berkeley

Irvinn Aldair Lopez Soto, California State University Stanislaus

Rosalio Lopez-Gomez, Santa Rosa Junior College

Jose Lozano, Santa Rosa Junior College

Ivan Macedonio, University of California Merced

Erik Macias, Santa Rosa Junior College

Ismari Maldonado, California State University Sacramento

Christopher Martin, Santa Rosa Junior College

Edgar Martinez, Santa Rosa Junior College

Marcela Martinez, Sonoma State University

Ricardo May, California State University Sacramento

Yeimi Mazariegos, College of Marin

Diana Mejia, College of Marin

Anahi Mendieta, College of Marin

Yessica Mendoza ,Santa Rosa Junior College

Mercy Menjivar, Sonoma State University

Carmen Mercado, Santa Rosa Junior College

Maria Guadalupe Mercad,o Sonoma State University

Andrea Mey, Sonoma State University

Janette Meza-Choc, San Francisco State University

Brandy Michaud, California State University Los Angeles

Midley Michaud, San Francisco State University

Grace Mitchell, Santa Rosa Junior College

Lea Mixon, California State University Northridge

Oscar Mogollon, California State University Humbolt

Luis Fernando Montejano, California State University Stanislaus

Jesus Montero Osorio, Sonoma State University

Mariel Montufar, Guzman Santa Rosa Junior College

Yoselin Mora, Sonoma State University

Bertha Morales, College of Marin

Aaliyah Neely, Santa Monica College

Zachary Numark, California State University Chico

Karen Oceguera, Santa Rosa Junior College

Marlene Orellana, College of Marin

Raquel Orellana, College of Marin

Laura Orozco, Santa Rosa Junior College

Gustavo Ortega, Dominican University of California

Melissa Oviedo, Sonoma State University

Jules Oyumbu, Santa Rosa Junior College

Alexander Palomares, Santa Rosa Junior College

Hector Pena, Santa Rosa Junior College

Sabrina Pereira, San Francisco State University

Evelyn Perez, California State University East Bay

Sonia Perez, University of California Santa Cruz

Alexis Ramirez, Santa Rosa Junior College

Brisia Reales, College of Marin

Boris Renderos-Melgar, Santa Rosa Junior College

Rodrigo Rico, California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo

Juan Rodas, California State University Bakersfield

Xanat Rodrigez, Sonoma State University

Jesica Rodriguez, College of Marin

Maria Rodriguez, California State University Sacramento

Sergio Rodriguez, Santa Rosa Junior College

Kevin Rojas de Leon, Santa Rosa Junior College

Esmeralda Romero Hernandez, Sonoma State University

Gonzalo Romero Hernandez, College of Marin

Mario Rosas, Santa Rosa Junior College

Leslie Ruiz, College of Marin

Emerald Sanders, College of Marin

Victor Santoyo, Santa Rosa Junior College

Mobina Shakeriniasar, Santa Rosa Junior College

Dorcas Solivan Jimenez, Santa Rosa Junior College

Jorge Solorio, University of California Merced

Yuanzhen (Jenna) Song, Art Institute of Chicago

Tifani Sosa, College of Marin

Sandra Sosa Salgado, Santa Rosa Junior College

Isabela Souza, College of Marin

Dhalma Suarez, College of Marin

Joseph Thomas, Sacramento State University

Victoria Torres, Sonoma State University

Jordan Toy, Sonoma State University

Edwin Vargas, Santa Rosa Junior College

Gissell Vargas, California State University Sacramento

Jennifer Vargas, University of California Davis

Maria Vargas, California State University Sacramento

Adrian Vega, Stanford University

Giovanni Vega Alfaro, Santa Rosa Junior College

Luis Velazquez, College of Marin

Sophia Vigeant, Lewis & Clark College

Juan Villa, Santa Rosa Junior College

Phoebe Walker, College of Marin

Katherine Weinberg, California State University San Diego

Tamera Williams, Santa Rosa Junior College